The Editing Process

I'm now on day two of editing a hard copy of the manuscript for Behind the Scenes. The thing that has surprised me most so far is how few errors I have encountered. This is a stark contrast to when I started editing the manuscript for Being Abigail, when I found errors practically screaming out at me on every page, to the point where I had to print the darn thing out three times, and even later, when I received a proof copy from Createspace, there were more errors to be found and much editing to be done.

So to discover that the manuscript for Behind the Scenes contains only a few niggling spelling and punctuation errors, was something of a surprise and not necessarily a pleasant one. Granted, it has taken me a lot longer to write Behind the Scenes (about eight months, as opposed to four,) and the novel is about ten thousand words shorter in length. I would also hope that maybe, just maybe, I have improved over the past two years as an author. But what remains is a second, and at this stage, far more likely explanation, that the errors are there, but I simply cannot see them. 

I will keep working.


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