The Editing Process Continues

I am still working away, editing a hard copy of the manuscript for my latest masterpiece, Behind the Scenes. The first time I went through the manuscript, I picked up just a few errors. I have now been through the manuscript several times. Slowly, more and more errors are becoming noticeable. There have been some small continuity errors - on one page, Kimmy's eyes were said to be blue, on the next page her eyes are said to be green. I have picked some repetition of facts and information. And then there are larger errors. Early in the novel, a character called Phil is seen scheming with the villain of the piece. Later on, Phil is shocked when he discovers the villain's handiwork. Phil will need to be edited out of the earlier scene. At the end of the novel, another character does not get the closure that he deserves.

Overall, it has been enjoyable editing a novel that would appear to have no major faults or failings. I will keep going through the hard copy of my manuscript until I'm satisfied that I've picked up every error, no matter how small. And, no doubt, I will keep you updated on my progress ...


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