Review: What a Time to be Alone by Chidera Eggerue

You are enough. That is the ultimate message of What a Time to be Alone a well written guide to finding self-confidence from within by Chidera Eggerue, also known as The Slumflower. Containing beautiful illustrations, lots of colour and some very useful Igbo Proverbs that the author gained from her mother, this is a no bullshit look at how to accept yourself.

This is a near perfect guide to self acceptance. Although it is pitched toward younger women, particularly those who are highly sensitive or anxious, many, many people from outside the target audience are bound to find the author's core message of accepting and celebrating your unique self whilst not hurting others to be extremely useful. The author takes a look at how to successfully navigate friendships and relationships. There is also a much needed commentary on the realities of fake friendships, listening to one's gut feelings about people and situations and self acceptance. 

The perfect guide for anyone trying to navigate the modern world.

Highly recommended. 


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