Review: Lakeside by Lyndall Clipstone

South Australia author Lyndall Clipstone's debut novel is a haunting dark fairy tale with a hint of gothic romance. Violetta 'Leta' Golding's life so far has been devoted to caring for her younger brother who appears to have some magic inside of him. Orphaned at a young age, they have been taken in by a lonely older women who soon makes up her mind that the pair are a nuisance and that dark magic may be lurking within them ... regardless of how much Violetta tries to conceal it. Then Rowan Sylvanan, the young lord who is rumoured to have murdered his family comes to the house with a strange proposition. He knows about the magic inside Arien and he may be able to help. But what is the cost? And what happens when Leta finds herself falling for Rowan and making a deal with the terrifying Lord Under ...

This was an entertaining read, full of romance and magic and a few surprising twists. Clipstone's world building is excellent and that cliffhanger ending really took me by surprise. In a strange way, parts of this reminded me of Rachelle Mead's brilliant Vampire Academy series. A sequel, Forestfall, is available now.



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