Review: On the Way to the Wedding by Julia Quinn

What a bittersweet experience it was to read the eighth and final book in the Bridgerton series. On the Way to the Wedding is Gregory's story, in which he falls for the charms of Hermione Watson. This would be fine, except for two things. First everyone is in love with Hermione. Second, Hermione's particularly irritating best friend Lucy is always hanging around. Then Hermione finds herself caught in a compromising situation with Lucy's brother which can only be fixed by marrying her, then Gregory realises that it is Lucy that he has been in love with the whole time and then he discovers that Lucy is betrothed to another and no one, especially not her scheming uncle and rotten soon-to-be father-in-law are going to let her back out of in a hurry. Can love, and the virtue of being a Bridgerton possibly conquer all this time?

This was such a fun read with a number of surprising twists and turns that kept me eagerly reading well into the night. Quinn treats her characters well, but never makes the mistake of taking the subject matter too seriously, which leads to some amusing situations. Like many of the Bridgerton novels this one is a retelling of another story, this time around putting Hamlet into a regency romance setting, which I found quite entertaining.

Overall, this one was a great end to a series that I never, ever expected to love quite so much as I did. Of course, there are some Bridgerton prequels out there, and Quinn has also written some other series that are set in the same world and feature some of the same characters, and I dare say that I will enjoy them too.



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