Review: All This Time by Mikki Daughty and Rachael Lippincott

Kyle and Kimberley are the perfect teenage couple. Or so it seems. Or, at least, that it what Kyle would like to think, but at the evening of their high school graduation things start to unravel. Upset, confused and just wanting to get away from everything, Kyle jumps into his car. Kyle loses control of the vehicle ... and eight weeks later, he wakes with a brain injury and the devastating news that Kimberley is dead. As he starts the long duel processes of grieving for Kimberley and his own recovery, Kyle meets Marley, a girl who knows exactly what Kyle is going through. But nothing is quite as it seems in this twisty story of love, loss and accepting the things that cannot be change ...

This story starts off with one hell of an emotional ride. During the chapters that focus on Kyle's recovery, I felt a little confused--something about the pacing felt a little off, and so did a few other key details. However, these were soon explained by a twist halfway through the novel, that, while it fits perfectly within the narrative, I never saw coming. Suddenly, a book that had been an average read for me became something a lot more novel and interesting.

All This Time is a real rollercoaster of a read, and one that left me feeling a range of emotions. While I had my doubts about this one partway through, the twist certainly answered all of my questions and plays out surprisingly realistically. 

A story of love, loss, grief and acceptance.


Thank you to Simon and Schuster Australia for my copy of All This Time. 


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