Review: From the Ashes by Rowena Holloway

Adelaide Author Rowena Holloway's Ashes to Ashes trilogy comes to a final, shattering conclusion in From the Ashes. This time around, former weathergirl turned investigative journalist Charlotte Ashe finds herself going undercover at a brain injury clinic. Which is fine, except in a fitting opening to the novel, we know that six weeks after she starts there, a fire breaks out in the clinic, and afterward, Charlotte is missing. From there, the author weaves seamlessly between the duel timelines, crediting her readers with enough intelligence to put together various clues as the mystery deepens.

From the Ashes is one heck of a page turner. I loved the duel narratives and putting together many of the clues. Admittedly, Charlotte annoyed me a little on occasions, however, it wasn't difficult to see that she was a woman who had suffered some huge setbacks (just read the first two novels in the series and you'll see,) and she certainly didn't have many people who believed in her and all that she was trying to achieve. Overall, an enjoyable spine-tingly read.


This book was read as part of the Aussie Author Challenge 2019


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