Review: 488 Rules For Life by Kitty Flanagan

What started out as a joke, and a short sketch on The Weekly, parodying 12 Rules for Life, ended up becoming an actual novel after people kept stopping author/comedian Kitty Flanagan in the street and telling her that the whole thing was a good idea. And the result is absolutely hilarious, if for no other reason than there being a little ring of truth to many of the rules that the author suggests. (Then, of course, there is also the opportunity that one gets to laugh at all of the rules that they don't think are strictly necessary.) Divided into various sections, this one has most faucets of life in contemporary Australia, from the fact that fruit salad is often spoiled by the presence of too many filler fruits, to the inconvenience of walking through a cafe with a number on a stick as one tries to find a table. 

I probably got more than my fair share of chuckles and yes moments out of this one, but I can think of worse things.



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