Review: Ms Marvel: No Normal

No Normal is a graphic novel from Marvel, that tells the story of Kamala Khan, an American teenager of Pakistani heritage who is a huge fan of Captain Marvel. (She even writes Captain Marvel fanfiction.)  In fact, she wants to be Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers. And fate has a strange twist in store when, during a surprise supernatural event, Kamala is discovered to have supernatural powers. She takes on Carol Danvers previous role and appearance as Ms Marvel, but soon discovers that being a superhero means forging her own super identity, one that she is comfortable with.

This is a well written, and well thought out, introduction of a new and thoroughly modern character into the Marvel universe. Kamala is portrayed as a teenager who is struggling with a lot of things--stereotypes, religion, over-protective and over-bearing family members and, ultimately, her own identity. 

Initially, I wasn't going to bother with this one, as the comic and concept seemed to be pitched at a tween, or at least very young teen audience. Eventually, I found myself picking up a copy because well, I'm always impressed by a comic with a strong female lead. This one was no exception. Also one of the things I find with Marvel (and it does seem to be unique to Marvel,) is that no matter how far I am out of the target audience, or how disinterested I am in the subject material, I always seem to enjoy it. I think that is because they have a pretty high benchmark in terms of quality, and appeal.



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