Review: Jacob's Toys by Claudia Woods

Recently, I was lucky enough to receive a copy this beautifully illustrated book to read and review courtesy of the author, Claudia Woods. Jacob's Toys is a wonderful story for children. When Jacob decides that he is too big to play with his toys, they soon find themselves on an adventure, first in the washing machine, then on the clothesline until the biggest--and scariest--adventure of them all occurs when the toys fall from the line and have to make their way home.

Using, simple rhymes this book tells a story in a way that is both creative and engaging. I loved the unique illustrations that blended mediums. At the end there is a search and find challenge so that the fun can continue after the story is told.

A great one for kids to read on their own, with friends or with a grown up.


Thank you to Claudia Woods for my review copy of Jacob's Toys.


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