Review: Marge and the Secret Tunnel by Isla Fisher

Marge, that zany babysitter with rainbow hair and a penchant for not following the rules is back in three fun filled stories. As always, the most ordinary situations become something much better as babysitter Marge turns every day into an adventure for her two young charges, siblings Jake and Jemima Button. The first story is a love letter to Australia of sorts, with the trio making their way through a tunnel that Marge promises will lead to Australia. It doesn't, but Marge informs the children of many things about Australia as they make their way through the tunnel and out the other side, where Jemima makes a new friend her own age. Unlike some children's books that are published overseas that talk about Australia, this one has more of an authentic feel, thanks no doubt to the fact that the author grew up in Australia and started both her acting and writing careers here. In the next story, the trio have the kind of shopping trip that all kids secretly want, racing shopping trolleys and discovering what actually happens if you stay in the shopping centre after the dreaded closing time. Finally, we close off with a search for a missing kitten that has fun and unpredictable results.

As always with the Marge books, there is a lot of fun to be had. There is just enough to keep parents entertained, though emerging readers will be quite safe reading this on their own. The author provides some true laugh out loud moments (like Marge getting stuck in a fence whilst wearing a tutu,) and Eglantine Ceulemans illustrations provide an extra layer of fun. And speaking of, I don't think I've mentioned in one of my reviews of the books in this series, but I just love the little adventures that the mice seems to get up to in the corners of the illustrations. The writing itself is light, fluffy and most of all, fun.



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