Review: City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare

After City of Fallen Angels ended with a surprise twist, we find Clary and her friends keen to defy the Clave so that they may save Jace from the clutches of Sebastian. This task isn't going to be easy, especially as the dark magic that bonds Jace to Sebastian is strong, and because Clary knows that if she wants to save him, she must defy the wishes of the others (including her own mother,) and play a game that could very easily turn deadly.

Like the other novels in the series, this one is full of twists, action, quirky characters and a touch of romance. Some subplots were bittersweet--such as that of the troubled romance between Alec and Magnus. Although I felt that Clary's actions were foolish, it was difficult not to get caught up in her attempts to save Jace, and the sheer love that she felt for him--I guess she must be driven by that additional angel blood. (That said, I could have done with less descriptions of her clothing and more of her mental state.) We meet some characters who I strongly suspect will become important down the track. The ending is a bit scary, but fitting seeing as this is the second to last novel in the Mortal Instruments series and the author is, no doubt, working toward an explosive finale. 



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