Review: If Kisses Cured Cancer by T.S. Hawken

If Kisses Cured Cancer is a breath of fresh air in a market over-saturated with stories of young love that tell the same story over and over again. Matt is twenty-five, working a job he hates and feeling a bit uninspired about life in general. Then one day at the supermarket he encounters Joy ... who is busy stealing other people's shopping trolleys. The pair make a connection and go on a series of unpredictable dates, all of which change each others lives for the better. Then Joy's past catches up with her, and it may just tear this pair of young lovers apart forever ...

Told from the perspective of Matt, this is a hilarious story of a young man whose unhappy life is slowly changed for the better by a combination of choice and circumstance. There are some truly laugh out loud moments--such as their trip to the fish and chip shop, or what they get up to at the airport (not what some readers may think.) There are some sound morals about changing the patterns in your life. Joy's story is, of course, quite heartbreaking, though she remains true to herself until the very end ...

An enjoyable read, sure to be loved by a variety of readers. Recommended.

This book was read as part of the Aussie Author Challenge 2018

Thank you to author T.S. Hawken for my copy of If Kisses Cured Cancer.


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