Off Topic: Why Weird Al Pisses Me Off

Actually, I just lied in the title. Weird Al doesn't piss me off. I find his parodies clever and entertaining. But you know what does piss me off? Having those same lyrics pushed at me by his fans. You know the deal. The radio is on, you're humming along to a classic rock song like Another One Bites the Dust by Queen, or maybe you're just nodding your head to the music, listening or otherwise appreciating their musical genius and the whole mood of the song. Maybe it even brings up memories of some great day or experience that you've had. Or you know, it just puts you in a good mood. And then some fuckwit comes running in the room and starts shouting, "Another one rides the bus!" over the top of Queen's lyrics because Weird Al's version is just. So. Much. Better. 

Except that it's not better. It's parody and there is a time and place for it. And that time and place is when you're listening to a Weird Al song or album and not when you've just decided to ruin my listening experience with your enthusiasm for novelty songs. See, here's the thing. If I went out to JB HI FI and bought a Pearl Jam CD, I'd be pretty damn annoyed if, when I played it, Weird Al's song My Wife is in Love With Eddie Vedder started playing instead. I don't care how funny that song is, I was in the mood for Pearl Jam. And to get a parody version instead is just poisoning my ears.


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