Review: New York Nights by CJ Duggan

The second stand-alone novel in Aussie Author CJ Duggan's Heart of the City series is a bit sweeter, a bit shorter and a bit quieter than it's predecessor. Sarah, an independent Aussie twenty-something is in New York following both of her dreams--to work as an Au Pair, and to see New York. The only problem with this plan is that her employer and his family and pretty bloody intimidating. Their biggest rule? Ask no questions. But this may prove difficult when baby Grace is so small, her father Ben so sad and distant, and her mother nowhere to be seen ...

New York Nights is a short and sweet story, which is great, but it does lead to one problem. It's so short and sweet that the central plot is resolved a bit too easily--it would have been nice to see a bit more tension build between Sarah and Ben between their first kisses, etc. (On that, I think the author could have created even more tension between Sarah and Ben's mother. And that--dare I say it--jealous house maid.) I guessed half of what the big reveal would be, but the author certainly took me by surprise with that other reveal at the end. 

A sweet story featuring wealthy characters, heartbreak, babies and an Aussie female lead.

This book was read as part of the Aussie Author Challenge 2017.


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