Review: Rebellious Daughters, Edited by Maria Katsonis & Lee Kofman

A mixture of Australian female writers share some amazing true stories of life changing moments of defiance in Rebellious Daughters, a recently released anthology from Ventura Press. Krissy Kneen talks about her grandmother and the influence that she had on her writing--her grandmother had a huge imagination and an even bigger distaste for anything sexual. Jamila Rizvi tells of her desire to be seen as a good girl, and the jealousy that she had for her younger, and badly behaved sister. Meanwhile, Lee Kofman talks about taking her prudish mother to Sexpo--purely for the shock value--but finds herself being the one who is shocked when her mother embraces the exhibition. For me, however, a clear favourite was Rebecca Starford's piece, Who Owns My Story? which talks about the struggles that she faced after releasing her brave and brilliant autobiography, Bad Behaviour last year.

Thought provoking, I read Rebellious Daughters of a number of days, reading one or two stories each evening and I think I enjoyed it better this way, rather than reading it all at once.

A true celebration of those moments that define us. Recommended.

Thank you to Ventura Press for my copy.


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