Review: Inheriting Fear by Sandy Vaile

Readers, meet Mya Jenson, the gorgeous, tough-speaking and arse kicking heroine of the romantic suspense novel Inheriting Fear. I was amazed by how quickly I feel in love with this character--and her love interest, the slightly more sensitive Luca. The plot is very clever as well.

Set in the western suburbs of Adelaide, in a street adjacent to the Grange railway line, the novel tells the story of Mya, a feisty young woman who has taken control of her life, and has overcome a difficult upbringing. Mya is one of the good ones--she's smart, she's loyal and she'll do anything for her mother who has a permanent disability. She also doesn't take shit from anyone and her methods are not always entirely legal. Anyway, when someone starts sending her threatening notes (and threatening messengers,) and steals her mother's jewellery, she knows that there is trouble afoot and she sets about getting to the bottom of things--her way. Meanwhile, her new neighbour, Luca, is not only a rather attractive man who seems a little too interested in her, he also just happens to be a plain clothes cop who is investigating a spate of jewellery thefts at the nursing home ...

This is a thoroughly enjoyable romantic suspense novel from an Adelaide writer. The novel has been reviewed well on Amazon and Goodreads and it is not difficult to see why. The author delivers a number of clever twists and turns and exciting characters.

Highly recommended. 


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