Review: Fall by Sean Williams

Imagine finding yourself in a place that is well ... not quite like home. (A digital world, to be exact.) Imagine being there with an earlier version of yourself. Not only does this earlier version of yourself not trust you, but the two of you need to work together to save your friends. Oh, and there are people who want you dead. That's the opening premise of Fall (published as Hollowgirl outside of Australia,) the brilliant, final instalment of the Twinmaker trilogy by Sean Williams. 

I only finished reading this book a few hours ago and already it is my favourite book of the series. Seeing, well more than one, version of Clair Hill, was quite intriguing, as was meeting a pre-improvement version of Clair's other best friend Libby. Meanwhile, Q is growing up fast and Jesse remains a solid, likeable character who in many ways holds the story together. The situations are complex and action packed, and I found the complexity of the plot quite enjoyable. There are also a number of philosophical questions raised about what one might do and how they might feel if they met a past and a future version of themselves. 

Highly recommended. A solid ending to a great series. 

Thank you to Sean Williams for my copy of Fall.

This book was read as part of the Aussie Author Challenge 2015.


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