Review: Beautiful Liar by Tara Bond

Beautiful Liar is a rags-to-riches NA romance about a young woman who has risen some pretty tragic circumstances--first her father dies, and then her mother becomes an alcoholic--and finds herself working at one of London's most exclusive nightclubs and earning the attention of Alexander Noble, the spoiled and reckless son of the owner of the nightclub. Nina knows that she should keep away from Alex; that he is bad for her, but she cannot stay away. And while Alex may be a beautiful liar, it is other people in her life who are hiding the worst secrets of all ...

I found Beautiful Liar to be a quick, easy read that delivers everything that it promises on the cover. The ending is a bit odd for a NA romance, but it's also nice to see a heroine who is not completely swept away by her lover--I get the sense that Nina is a true survivor and a true independent woman, one who is happy to have love in her life, but wants other things as well. She is not a princess who needs saving and I found that to be quite refreshing.  The writing is simple and functional. Some of the situations are a bit cliched, though, but overall an enjoyable read.



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