Review: Dragon's Lair by Chantal Fernando

Bad boys, outlaw motorcycle gangs, bad-ass romances, melodrama and sizzling, sexy situations come together in Australian author Chantal Fernando's best selling erotic romance novel Dragon's Lair. Fitting perfectly into the so-trashy-it's-good genre is this tale of Faye, a good girl and high ranking university student who has been dating the boy next door for years. That all changes one day when Faye catches her boyfriend Eric with one of her so-called friends and she storms off and ends up having a very hot one-night stand with Eric's motorcycle outlaw bad-boy half brother Dex, which ultimately results in a pregnancy and Faye being kicked out of home by her somewhat cold and uptight parents. As soon as Dex discovers that Faye and his unborn child are homeless, he provides them shelter ... at club headquarters. Can a nice girl like Faye survive in such a dangerous place? And more to the point, what is her relationship with Dex?

I am not going to pretend that this book is well written because, quite frankly it isn't. The prose is functional at best, characters remain underdeveloped and the whole situation is completely and utterly ludicrous. But, as an escapist piece of trash, it has a certain charm to it and I found myself continuing to turn pages and wanting to know what would happen next. This one is what it is, and the author already appears to have a large following, most of whom will no doubt be looking forward to the next book in the series, Arrow's Hell, which puts a spotlight on a different bad boy from the Wind Dragon's Motorcycle Club.


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