Review: The Spear of Destiny by Marcus Sedwick

The Spear of Destiny is the third in a year long series of eBooks released by Puffin in 2013 as a part of the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who celebrations. Each story was to feature a different incarnation of the Doctor, written by a different and well-established author of books for children and young adults. And despite catching this one rather late, I have to admit, this and the other stories prove to be one hell of a nostalgia trip for an old Whovian like myself. Consequently, I have decided to feature them all on here, every second Sunday over the space of the next few weeks.

The Doctor: The Third Doctor

The Companion: Jo

The Author: Marcus Sedwick, author of Floodland and twenty other titles for children as well as a couple of books for adults.

My Verdict: I like the Third Doctor, though I have to admit, I have not caught up with too many of his adventures since they have been released on DVD, so my knowledge has a few holes in it. Still, this one gets massive points from me for mentioning the Third Doctor's iconic vehicle Bessie (otherwise known as a canary yellow vintage roadster). Unsurprisingly, UNIT gets a mention and this story appears to be set sometime after the Third Doctors space and time travel restrictions were lifted by the Time Lords. But the best part of all about this one is that the story also stars one of the Doctors greatest foes, The Master. To tie it altogether is a little adventure whereby the Doctor steals a magical spear from a museum in order to right a wrong and falls into a viking war and a little trap set by the Master. Pure fun.


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