The Editing Process Goes On

Phew! I've been hard at work this week. First of all, I sent the first three chapters of my manuscript, Behind the Scenes to a literary agent for consideration. After working on this manuscript for so long, it feels strange to be sending it away. In other news, I have been busy working on another indie publishing project. Outside in the Rain is a strange little novella, which is narrated by a very introverted young woman who may or may not have murdered her ex-boyfriend. At the moment, I'm at that tedious stage of formatting the text and creating the front cover on photoshop. In reading news, I've just finished Room wonderful novel by Emma Donaghue. I hope to have a review up very soon ...


JustLikeThat said…
This seems like a short post but you have so many exciting things going on! Keep us updated on your publishing process, and I wish you every success :) I would love to read Outside in the Rain one day, it sounds like *just my type* of story ;) And what a coinky-dink, I just got 'Room' today, hopefully I will have finished it in time for your review :D

~ Jay
Kathryn White said…
Thank you Jay. I'm pretty sure you know where the inspiration for Outside in the Rain came from. I've just finished formatting the files and designing the front cover for the print version. I should be working on the eBook version, but between that and my day job I'm just exhausted.

Seriously, you're reading Room at the moment? Snap! I'll hold off publishing the review for a few days so that I don't accidentally give away too much.
JustLikeThat said…
Thanks Kathryn, just finished Room. It actually feels really weird to be back in the real world after lifting my head up from the pages! I admit, it did take me a while to get accustomed to the novel, what with the narrative beginning in the point of view of a five year old, but I'm glad I pulled through it, because I guess that very feature is one thing that makes the book so special. It was amazing, can't wait for your review :D

Kathryn White said…
The review is up. Hope you like it!

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