Fifty Shades Sillier: A Fifty Shades Fanfiction

Greetings all. Kathryn's Inbox is proud to present this Fifty Shades Fanfiction, which has been written by a certain struggling author who would really rather remain anonymous. 

Fifty Shades Sillier, by Anonymous

Holy Cow! My inner Goddess begins to do somersaults as Christian takes a large, vibrating object in his hands. "Do you know what I am going to do with this Miss Steele?" He asks, whilst offering me a sexy smile. Wow, that smile is just so ... hot. 

"Miss Steele." Christian sounds quite annoyed, as he adjusts the overhead light. "Would you please behave yourself?"

"Really Christian?" I stare at him and bite my lip. "What would you do if I don't want to behave?"

"Nurse?" Christian sighs. Wow, he looks angry. That is so ... hot. 

"Yes Doctor Grey?" Nurse Elena appears in the doorway. She takes the electric toothbrush from Christian's hands. Her smile is sympathetic, the cow. Elena has always been jealous of my relationship with Christian.

"This isn't going to work." Christian sighs again. "Get someone down here and ask them to take Miss Steele back to her room in the psychiatric ward, preferably before I get molested. We'll look at her teeth another time, perhaps after she's taken her medication. 

"As you wish." 

Nurse Elena raises my chair. "Only woman I've ever known to have multiple orgasms while on a dentist's chair," she mutters. "Don't worry Miss Steele, your psychiatrist will be here shortly ..."

Psychiatrist? Wow, I wonder if he'll put me in a straightjacket again and that special padded cell again? Trips to the hospital are always so ... hot. My inner goddess begins to dance.


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