Review: Odd and the Frost Giants written by Neil Gaiman and Illustrated by Adam Stower

Odd and the Frost Giants is a delightful story about a boy who goes on an adventure, encountering some Norse Gods and finding himself standing up to a formidable frost giant.

Odd is the son of a Viking and the Scottish woman his father fell in love with. When Odd's father dies and his mother remarries, Odd runs away. His stepfather has no time for a stepson who is crippled and there are limited opportunities for Odd in their village. So he goes away to find something more. That something more turns out to be a rollicking adventure with Odin, Thor and Loki who have been turned into animals and banished from their home by the frost giants. And somehow, gentle Odd must find a way to right things as return Asgard to its rightful owners.

This was a fun and entertaining read that draws upon Norse mythology. (And syncs in perfectly with Neil Gaiman's book of the same name.) I liked to moral of drawing upon inner strength as opposed to physical strength, and the repercussions of bitterness and anger.

An excellent novel for children and any adult who wishes to join in.

Highly recommended. 


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