Review: Never Ever Getting Back Together by Sophie Gonzales

Perfect on Paper was so brilliant that Sophie Gonzales just had to follow it up with another hit. Never Ever Getting Back Together is the story of Maya who is determined to get her sweet revenge on her cheating ex--on live television.

Two years have passed since Maya's boyfriend, the cool and charismatic Jordy, moved to Canada and started cheating on her with Skye. Maya has done her best to put Jordy and the incident out of her mind, which isn't exactly easy, seeing as Jordy's older sister has married at European Prince and her whole family is now in a very public spotlight ... as are all of Jordy's past relationships. Jordy's solution? Star on a reality television program where he dates all six of his ex girlfriends and then pick the winner. It is just lucky that Maya can see the show--and Jordy--for what it is. And she is going to expose him. There is just one small problem. Once she starts working on the show, Maya finds herself falling in love ... with Skye.

This was a fun and entertaining read, featuring characters who are on the cusp of adulthood. The situation is delightfully over the top, providing some much needed laughs and commentary on reality television and overnight fame. Maya and Skye are opposites who fell for and were lied to by the same guy, and often have very different approaches to the situation. (While Maya can see Jordy for what he is, for Skye it takes time as she examines the facts.) Many of the chapters are told from Skye's perspective and this gives the story an extra level of depth as the reader learns what is going on in her mind. And we also see early on that each might be the person that the other truly needs, but it takes longer for both to realise it and that is a lot of fun to read.

Overall Never Ever Getting Back Together is a fun exploration of past relationships, instant fame and how looking toward one's future can be more productive than looking back at the past.


PS For those who are wondering, yes I did think of the Taylor Swift song every time I glanced at the cover.


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