Review: Chivalry by Neil Gaiman and Illustrated by Colleen Doran

Beautifully illustrated Chivalry is the graphic novel adaption of Neil Gaiman's beloved short story of the same name. It tells the story of an older lady who purchases the Holy Grail from a secondhand shop. Into her life comes a good-hearted knight, keen to exchange the Holy Grail for all manner of gifts, until both discover that the true exchange going on is friendship.

This was a beautiful adaption. It is clear on every page that Colleen Doran truly loves Gaiman's work and appreciates the subject matter. Every part of the story is lovingly recreated and brought to life through her superb artwork. Apparently this adaption has been a long time in the making--according to the notes Doran had to wait a whopping twenty-five years to secure the rights. Now that in itself is a labour of love. (And I'm so glad she got there in the end.)

Overall, this is a terrific adaption, suitable for readers of varying ages and backgrounds.

Highly recommended.


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