Review: The Accident by Katie McMahon

Three women, all loosely linked by various connections to family, friends and colleagues are all hurtling toward a tragic event in The Accident, the second novel by Katie McMahon. There's Grace, a single mother of a teenage girl who is having an affair with her former university sweetheart, Zoe who, after being dumped, has just found a new and better man, and Imogen, a registrar at a hospital who is struggling with the pressures of work. Each of them have more in common than they realise, chiefly, all have experienced painful forms of rejection, and each cope differently ... and some better than others.

This was an interesting read and meditation of how rejection and various painful experiences can shape us. The actual event is, of course, quite shocking, as is the reasoning behind it. I felt no sympathy whatsoever for a certain character, though I appreciated the insight into their behaviour offered by the author. 

Overall, a twisty, suspenseful read about the interconnected lives of three different women.

Thank you to DMCPR and Echo Publishing for my reading copy of The Accident. 


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