Review: Little Disasters by Sarah Vaughan

How well do you really know those closest to you? Jess, Liz, Mel and Charlotte all met ten years ago when they were expecting their first child and have been good friends ever since. Then, one night Jess brings her baby into Emergency with a serious injury and a story that doesn't quite add up. To complicate matters, the paediatrician on duty is Jess ... and she is duty bound to call an investigation. But Liz wouldn't hurt her child ... would she?

This novel explores notions of motherhood, friendship and duty, while gently and slowly drip feeding the reader bits of information until revealing a surprising but unsavoury truth.

This was a page turner with plenty of cliffhanger chapters and shifting perspectives. From the beginning I had no idea what the truth was behind baby Betsey's injuries and the reveal at the end certainly surprised me and, if I am going to be honest, left me a bit shaken.


Thank you to Simon and Schuster Australia for my copy of Little Disasters


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