1990s Nostalgia

This week, I'm fast-forwarding to the late 1990s with this clip from the New Radicals. You Get What You Give was released in Australia in early 1999, or at least it got on the charts about then, and it became something of a theme song of mine. I was seventeen years old, and I had just started year twelve, which would prove to be a horrible experience in more ways than one. Something about this song touched me--maybe it was the rebelliousness of it, the fun of getting one up on the adults, or it could the title--and it became something of a personal theme song that helped me through a lonely time.

I think a lot of teenagers embrace music because it makes them feel less lonely. For one, music doesn't judge or point out their faults--unlike their family, their teachers and their peers. Music is often about finding the songs one likes, and it becomes possible to connect with others who like the same songs. 


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