Review: Crown of Midnight by Sarah J Maas

Opening shortly after the ending of Throne of Glass, we meet Celaena once again. Having recently done the impossible and won the coveted spot of the Kings Assassin, Celaena is now torn between what may just be her destiny and the expectation that she will kill for the King of Ardalan. It's lucky that this young woman is so strong willed. Unfortunately, she is also about to be sorely tested--who can she trust? And what is she going to do about a love triangle that is developing between her two protectors, a captain and a prince. 

This one starts off slow--by the time I was halfway through, I was fairly convinced that this one was mostly filler, intended to explain what the character did between the first and third books in this series. (That talking door knocker really annoyed me, by the way.) Fortunately, at about the halfway mark, the story gains a lot of momentum and certain themes that were present early on begin to make a lot more sense. As well as a lot of action, there is a very sad moment when a key character is murdered, but the whole thing propels Celaena toward her true destiny. And what a destiny it may be, if the revelation toward the end of the book is anything to go by.

Ultimately, this one is entertaining, but let down by a slow start.



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