Review: After We Collided by Anna Todd

Poor, suffering innocent Tessa Young and her bad boy ex Hardin are back in After We Collided, the sequel to Anna Todd's fan fiction turned bestseller After

After discovering the sordid secret that Hardin and his posse of so-called friends have been keeping from her, Tess knows that she has to get away from him, and fast. What follows is a huge emotional rollercoaster as both Tess and Hardin struggle with the sudden collapse of their relationship and the weight of his actions. There is a lot of splitting up and getting back together, along with a love triangle that ends up pushing Hardin to the edge. Meanwhile, we get to meet his mother and learn a little bit more about his tragic history.

I'm not going to pretend that this one is hardcore literature, because it isn't and it was never intended to be. What it does, and does well, is offers readers an entertaining and occasional sexy story that is very much driven by the emotions of the two lead characters. Hardin is not a nice person, he's a terrible boyfriend and Tess would be better off without him, but the author never pretends or wants readers to think that he is an ideal man. 

The 600+ page novel ends on a cliffhanger--and it's not just Tess and Hardin's relationship that is hanging in the balance this time.

If you loved After, then no doubt you will enjoy this one too.


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