Review: Secret Supervillain vs Lightning Girl by Alesha Dixon

Aurora Beam, schoolgirl and superhero is back in this hilarious and action packed adventure. Aurora may be desperate to track down the valuable stone that holds the key to her family's superpowers, but her parents think that she should leave the hard work to the adults. Meanwhile, there is a very, very dangerous supervillain on the loose who wants the stone for his own ends--and when Aurora decides to investigate she finds herself in a lot more danger than what she and the Bright Sparks count on.

Secret Supervillain vs Lightning Girl is a rollicking read for kids with plenty of laugh out loud moments, one that makes up part of the bigger (and fun) Lightning Girl series. The characters are all relatable and pleasingly diverse. (Well, actually, I had a little trouble relating to Alfred the Ostrich, but he's still a lot of fun to read about.) The illustrations are fun and friendly. 

Overall, a great read. Highly recommended.

Thank you to Scholastic UK for my reading copy.


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