Disappearing Dawn Schaefer (A BSC Nostalgia Post)

Kirsty, Claudia, Stacey and Mary Anne will always be remembered (and loved) by readers as the original members of the Babysitters Club series. Stacey would leave the club twice--once when her parents moved to New York, and again when she decided that she had outgrown the club. On both occasions, she found her way back to the club. But did you know that another key character also made more than one exit from the club?
That character was Dawn.

Dawn was the first new character to join the club. She entered the series in Mary Anne Saves the Day, as the new student at Stoneybrook Middle School. She and Mary Anne share a table at the school Cafeteria and soon become fast friends--and soon the girls discover that their parents were childhood sweethearts.

Seemingly, Dawn adjusts to life in Stoneybrook quite well, though she does struggle a bit with her new domestic arrangements when her mother marries Mary Anne's dad. Relatively late in the series she leaves for a six month visit to California. Initially, the books tell of her adventures with the We Love Kids Club, (a laid back version of the babysitters club,) and then she returns to Stoneybrook. A few books later, she leaves again, this time for good. Dawn then got to appear in the California Diaries a darker spin-off series, undoubtably aimed at kids who had, or who were about to, outgrow the Babysitters Club.

In return a new character was introduced to the BSC--Abby.


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