Aussie Author Challenge 2018!

The Aussie Author Challenge is back for 2018! Once again, I'm joining this excellent challenge, which is hosted by Booklover Book Reviews (a brilliant book blog--if you haven't stopped by this one yet, I highly recommend that you do.) After smashing the challenge in 2017, once again, I'll be going for Kangaroo, which requires me to read 12 books, four by female authors, four by male authors and four by authors who are new to me, as well as books in three different genres.

And because this is a challenge--and not a competition--there are all kinds of levels of participation, and ways to participate, meaning that readers can pick the way that works best for them. I really hope that you can join me, and we can show the world just how many great Australian books, authors and book reviewers are out there! 


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