Review: Because You'll Never Meet Me by Leah Thomas

Because You'll Never Meet Me is a story told in letters, detailing the correspondence between teenagers Ollie, who lives in the United States, and Moritz who lives in Germany. Neither Ollie nor Moritz are ordinary boys--Ollie has an allergy to electricity meaning that he must live in a remote cabin with his mother, and Moritz, has a pacemaker (hence why they can never meet,) and an almost supersonic ability to see despite the fact that he literally has no eyes. Through their correspondence both will reveal their struggles with their peers (Moritz is a target for bullies, while Ollie struggles with Liz an 'ordinary' girl who wants to cure him rather than understand him,) and they will learn some remarkable life lessons, before a startling, life changing revelation is made ...

Though a little gross in places, this one is a thought provoking read, one that seamlessly blends real life teenage themes with science fiction. Optimist Ollie is a contrast to the bitter and distrustful Moritz and both boys clearly need each other more than what they realise. 

Because You'll Never Meet Me is enjoyable, a little far-fetched but, ultimately, powerful. 

A sequel, titled Nowhere Near You will be published in February 2017.

Thank you to Bloomsbury Australia for my reading copy, via Netgalley. 


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