1990s Nostalgia: Shannon & Curtis join Home and Away

Just a bit of light and fluffy 1990s nostalgia this week, this short clip shows a new pair of foster kids entering Summer Bay for the first time. Shannon and Curtis were a pair of teens whose adoptive parents had died. Everyone thought that they were brother and sister, and were shocked when the pair shared a kiss, but later it turned out that they were only 'adopted' brother and sister. Their arrival is symbolic of a more innocent era from the series, where most of the drama revolved around troubled teens who (nearly) always learned to become responsible adults during their stay in Summer Bay, thanks to the gentle guidance of the adult residents. 

Interesting contrast in the casting--both Isla Fisher (Shannon) and Shane Amman (Curtis) were seasoned actors by the time they arrived on the set of Home and Away. Both had appeared in short lived soap Paradise Beach and a number of children's television programmes. While Isla Fisher would go on to become a Hollywood level actress and is the author of three novels, Amman gave up acting after he left Home and Away in 1997 and, to the best of my knowledge, has never appeared in any of those tacky 'Home and Away: Where are they Now' features that seem to pop up online or in the pages of TV Week every now and again.

PS Just in case you are wondering, Shannon and Curtis were soon causing their own fair share of trouble, as can be observed here and here.


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