Off Topic: I said "Hello" not "Let's be Best Friends Forever!"

I am going to put aside the book chatter for a day and talk about something that really pisses me off. And that is egotistical, narcissist morons who mistake a friendly verbal greeting, given in passing, (such as a "hello") for intrusive interest in them and their personal life.

To those people, I would like to say two things.

The first thing is: Get over yourself. I said, "Hello," not, "Will you be my best friend forever?"

The second thing is: Fuck off.

It pisses me off on a number of levels. If I say hello to someone, you know what it means? Hello. No. Really. It means that I've seen you, I know you from somewhere and I'm acknowledging your presence because that's the polite thing to do. It's not a licence for you to start behaving like an socially inept fuckhead who thinks that they had better brush me off straight away before I do something terrible like, I don't know, continue on with whatever the fuck it was I was doing before I saw you, said hello and discovered that you are not only socially inept but you have a huge fucking ego.

I don't know what the solution is to this, except to start ignoring everyone that I encounter.



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