Review: The Two of Us by Andy Jones

From the moment that I read the first two sentences for blurb for The Two of Us by Andy Jones I was completely and utterly intrigued. To explain, the first two sentences read:
Falling in love is the easy part. What matters most is what happens next...
The premise of the novel is this. William, who prefers to be known by his surname, Fisher, and Ivy have been an item for nineteen days and just know that they are meant to be together. From there, Fisher and Ivy's relationship develops in a number of unexpected ways. 

I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Two of Us. Fisher and Ivy's relationship really did take a number of unexpected twists and turns, none of which were unrealistic and many that will be easily identifiable by a number of readers. (And, no, I'm not going to reveal what they are.) The twists are like precious secrets, best slowly learned and discovered by the reader. It is also a novel of how their adapt to the changes that take place, and the importance of clear communication in a relationship, something that Fisher and Ivy so often get muddled or wrong. Had I known more about what was in store for Fisher and Ivy, I may not have necessarily have been so keen to pick this one up, but as the story went on, I found myself becoming emotionally invested, laughing and crying along with the characters. The side characters and subplots were all well written, particularly the subplot featuring Fisher's best mate who is suffering a terminal illness. 

Recommended. (And don't let anyone dare tell you what happens next.)

Finally, a big shout out to Simon and Schuster Australia for providing me with a review copy.


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