Around Adelaide (Street Art)

The Three Rivers fountain sits proudly at the southern tip of Victoria Square. The three pronged fountain was designed by John Dowie represents the three main rivers in South Australia--the Murray, the Onkaparinga and the Torrens. It was switched on in 1968 by the Duke of Edinburgh after many years of planning, and formed an integral part of the redevelopment of Victoria Square during the 1960s. In 2013, Victoria Square was redeveloped again and the fountain was moved further south. 

The fountain has also been subject to a popular urban myth, regarding how the penis on one of the statues was broken. Practically everybody who lives in Adelaide, it seems when they witnessed a classmate, a friend of a friend, or some random kid, fire a rock at the rock at the fountain. (Where anyone would even find a rock in Victoria Square is, of course, questionable, as is the extreme force and precision that would be required for such a hit to occur.)

This photograph was taken from the eastern side of the fountain. The Sir Samuel Way building, the Adelaide Hilton and a small section of the tour down under village can be seen in the background.


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