Off Topic: Meet James.

Guess what ladies! Adelaide's most eligible bachelor is looking for a girlfriend. Or not.

Actually, I've been tempted to write a post on this for a long time, about two years in fact. I keep seeing ads popping up all over the internet, inviting me to meet a man called James who is 32 (and has been for at least the last eighteen months,) is a very rich businessman and who is looking for a girlfriend. The link, if you're dumb enough to click on it like I was, takes you to a site about James that is backed by a well known Adelaide dating agency. The whole thing is about as suspicious as it comes, for reasons that should be fairly obvious (if not this hilarious YouTube video describes it fairly well, as does this Meet James forum on reddit.) My guess is that the whole thing is a scam to encourage people from the desired demographic (i.e. young, wanting love and naive,) to sign up to the agency. 

Has anyone else seen these ads? What is your opinion?

Update 9 January 2016--the Meet James site has now disappeared from the web, and this new and somewhat similar, but slightly less creepy site has appeared in its place.


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