Review: Destined to Fly by Indigo Bloome

Several months ago I committed myself to reviewing the books in Indigo Bloome's Avalon trilogy and here it is ... time for the final installment. And how to sum it up?

Destined to Fly is by no means any less unbelievable than the first two books in the series, however, it is pleasing the see the author making use of her talent to write about something other than Dr Alex Blake's somewhat unusual (and that's putting it mildly,) sexual fetishes and adventures. In this installment, the plot veers off in an unexpected direction when Alex and her family go into hiding from the Xsade company who want more of her rare blood. While hiding in the Amazon, Alex finds herself on a spiritual journey that yields some surprising results. 

Bloome is a talented author whose ability to write a suspenseful page turner is commendable. I enjoyed this series and the fact that it was not at all predictable and certainly not the Fifty Shades of Grey rip-off that I had envisioned when I first heard about this series. (Yes, Anna from Harper Collins, you were entirely right on that score ...) I'm looking forward to see what Bloome comes up with next, should she continue to write.


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