Announcing ... Behind the Scenes a new novel by Kathryn White

This April I will be launching a brand new novel. Behind the Scenes fits perfectly into the New Adult genre and tells the story of Catlin Ryan, a young aspiring actress from the outer suburbs of Adelaide who lands a role on her favourite television series. Starring in the show means moving to Melbourne, where she becomes reacquainted with her long-lost Dad and sister and the discovery of some dark family secrets ...

Behind the Scenes is one of my favourite stories, quite possibly because it is different from everything else that I have written so-far. As some of you may know, I've spent a good part of the last year pitching this one to various Australian based publishers and agents with varying degrees of success, but after a long talk with a good friend of mine, and taking note of M.M. Kin's self-publishing journey on facebook, I have decided to publish Behind the Scenes independently.  

P.S. In coming weeks I will be looking for bloggers to review Behind the Scenes. Contact me via if you are interested.


Unknown said…
Well done! Congrats to you. Self-publishing is the go.

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