Feature and Follow Friday

Time once again for Feature and Follow Friday, an awesome weekly meme designed to help like-minded book bloggers connect, hosted by the equally awesome Alison Can Read and Parajunkie. This weeks all-important question is:

Q: What is the last book that made you cry? Tell us about the scene...

Definitely Fifty Shades of Grey. Oh, the pain. Tears of pure frustration running down my reddened cheeks as I cried, "Ana, Ana, how can any grown woman be so bloody stupid ..."

Actually, as regular visitors to this blog would know, the last book that made me cry was The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom. The scene was when Sarah discovers the extent of Ethan's cruelty and is so distraught that she decides to take her own life. I also cried a second time at the end, when I learned what eventually became of Sarah--without including any spoilers, it's certainly a triumphant ending and not in the way that younger readers might expect.

What book did you choose? Feel free to post your links below.

PS This week I'm shamelessly plugging copies of my book, Being Abigail, which is available for $12.99 from createspace. The main character is a blogger with some very, ahem, quirky, posts.


LOL but I agree..she's sometimes stupid. Or most of the time. XD
Here's my FF.
Have a great day!
*New GFC follower. :)
Kathryn White said…
Lol :) Thanks for sharing the link. I loved your choice--Point of Retreat.
Unknown said…
old follower/ I haven't read The Time Keeper....yet. I tend to read what everybody mentions somewhere along the line. Lol. Gotta love reading, it's such a personal pleasure. I cried with My Sister's Keeper, need I say more.
Happy Reading!
Beth at bethartfromtheheart.blogspot.com .
Kathryn White said…
Hi Beth, awesome to see you again! I read My Sister's Keeper many years ago and I remember getting quite emotional.

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