Abbey Road Spoofs

Found this awesome Mr Men picture and just had to share. I'm familiar with the series and the characters thanks in part to my own childhood (my brothers and I had many of the books and a record that featured Arthur Lowe reading some of the stories,) and the fact that I can now share them with my nieces--Little Miss Naughty seems to be a firm favourite. However, and maybe it is just my own ignorance speaking here, this picture would have to be the first time I've seen the characters paying tribute to popular culture (in this instance, the immortal Abbey Road cover). But the Mr Men characters (and my only criticism of the picture is that only Mr Bump should have been barefoot, in keeping with the album cover,) are not the only characters to pay tribute to the cover. Here are some more great pictures:

Dedicated Peanuts Fan Spoofs Abbey Road

The Simpsons get in on the act.

Even Sesame Street is not immune.

It seems that practically everything linked with either cartoons and children's entertainment has a thing about Abbey Road send ups. I would not be surprised if there is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Abbey Road out there, or a Sweet Valley Book titled The Twins Visit Abbey Road Studios. Still, it's art, it's decent art (or at least decent enough to spark a smile and positive discussion,) so who am I to complain. I'll just sit back, smile and wait for the next Abbey Road send up to catch my eye ...


The Readdicts said…
I love Peanuts and Simpsons! This is really cool stuff. :D Made me smile. Thanks for sharing!

Sarika @ The Readdicts
Kathryn White said…
Excellent! Glad you enjoyed it :-)

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