Feature and Follow Friday

It is time once again for Feature and Follow Friday. Hosted by Alison Can Read and Parajunkie's View, this awesome meme is designed to help us like-minded bloggers connect and talk about our favourite things--books and reading! This week's all-important question is:

Q: What is a deal breaker for you in a book? For example, do you abhor love triangles? Or can't deal with bad editing?

Hmm. Bad editing definitely annoys me, but if it's a great plot I'm willing to overlook it. A well-written love triangle can be a good thing, but I dislike it when the author includes one when that particular subplot isn't necessary. (I always felt the love triangle in The Hunger Games was a little unnecessary, for example. Come on, honestly what did Gale even bring to the plot, except to prove how bitter and twisted some people can be. And he had sixteen years to develop a relationship with Katniss.) Anyway, to actually answer the question, one thing that gets under my skin is any kind of sex, violence or swearing that is done for shock value and doesn't contribute greatly to the plot. The Casual Vacancy is one example of this, where the same point could have been made with much of the swearing omitted. 


Tanya Patrice said…
There's not much that will make me give up on a book - but bad editing is definitely a turn-off. I haven't encountered that much though.
Unknown said…
Good answer. I don't like bad editing, but I'm willing to overlook it. And the same with love triangles. The one in Hunger Games never really felt like much of a love triangle and I didn't feel like it was overly pursued, either.
thanks for stopping by and following. Following you back via GFC.
Megan @ Love, Literature, Art, and Reason
Good answer. Adding things simply for shock value but not helping the plot is just annoying.

new follower. Here's my FF:
Kathryn White said…
I agreed--bad editing is rare in this day and age. I think publishing is such a competitive field that there is simply no room for bad editing. I think that makes the rushed or badly edited books (think authors such as Andrew Neiderman writing as VC Andrews,) appear even worse.
Kathryn White said…
Yeah, thanks to good ol' Fifty Shades of Grey it seems like virgins are everywhere. Reality is important in an ending--too neat and it's just plain unrealistic.
Kathryn White said…
Phew, someone agrees with me about the Hunger Games. (I was a little worried how many people I might have offended with that comment.)

Glad you're following me back. Looking forward to more interesting posts to come.
Kathryn White said…
Excellent! Will check out your FF :-)
Katie said…
Love your comment on the triangle in THG - I think I sort of pretend the whole thing doesn't exist, haha :)
Thanks for stopping by and following my blog, I’ve returned the favor :)
Katie @ Fiction Predictions
Kathryn White said…
No worries, your blog looks awesome. Hmm, I rather like the idea of pretending that the love triangle in the Hunger Games does not exist ... :)

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