Review: Jacaranda by Mandy Magro

Jacaranda is the perfect chill out, lift-your-spirits-on-a-bad-day read. With a strong, likable and thoroughly good heroine and a beautiful depiction of rural Australia, it is difficult not to get sucked in by this romantic read. I picked this book up on a rainy weekend when my spirits were quite low and found myself drawn in to the story of Molly Jones and her family and friends at Jacaranda Station.

Molly is a single mother in her mid-20s. She has a loving home on Jacaranda station with her grandparents and her daughter, Rose. She is secretly in love with Heath, the boyfriend of her workmate and friend Jenny who died in a tragic accident. Molly knows better than to make a move on her friends boyfriend, though Heath has other ideas. He knows that although he will always love Jenny, life must go on and that she would want him to be happy. But before he can make a move, Rose's father comes back to town, further complicating Molly's life ...

What I loved about this book was not only the beautiful, romanticised depiction of rural Australia, but the wholesomeness of the characters. Molly and Heath are strong and likable leads who often put others ahead of themselves. I found it impossible to hate Mark (the closest thing the book has to a villain), as he has his own set of problems and reasons for his roguish behaviour. Some quirky characters, such as lovable larrikin Kenny, round out the book making it a fun read.


Mandy Magro said…
Thank you so much, kathryn, for an inspirational review. Mandy Magro xx
Kathryn White said…
You're very welcome. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Jacaranda :-)


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