Retail by Norm Feuti

Todays post is devoted to a comic strip that I have just recently discovered, the brilliant and very observant Retail by Norm Feuti. A strip that has been syndicated in newspapers since 2006 (Retail does not run in my hometown, hence why I have only just discovered it,) it revolves around the daily trials and tribulations of the staff at Grumbels, an average American department store. The main character is Marla, an undervalued middle-manager who seems to truly love her job. (The girl with the straight black hair in the picture above.) She is supported by the intelligent and overqualified Val and Cooper, the village idiot. Many of their troubles revolve around the expectations of their customers and those of management--troubles that any one who has worked in retail should be able to easily identify. This weeks series of comics, for example revolve around a customer attempting to return a bowling ball that was not originally purchased at Grumbles. The author of the comic, Norm Feuti has more than fifteen years of experience of working in retail, and his experiences show through the various predicaments faced by the staff.


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