Daria - Misery Chick

Just wanted to share one of my favourite clips from one of my all-time favourite television series Daria. For those of you who missed it, Daria was an animated series that emerged from in the late 1990s and used to air in Australia on the ABC in an obscure time slot and was pretty much ignored by anyone who didn't like other cool stuff from that era like Recovery or Recovery's awesome host Dylan Lewis.

Anyway, this clip really sums up the misunderstood Daria. Her family and classmates assume that she's miserable, simply because she is a realist and possesses the ability to think for herself. Here, Daria proves once and for all that isn't true. Or something like it.


Unknown said…
I think Recovery was a bit before my time. I do remember Daria though. Abc used to air it in the afternoons (around 4/5ish). It completed my after school tv viewing. Ahh memories. :) I want to go re-watch all of the episodes now.
Kathryn White said…
: ) The complete DVD set is one of my favourite purchases from recent times.

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