About My Books

Want to know something about my books? You've come to the right page. Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

How many books have been published so far?

I have published several novels and novellas, as well as a few short stories. They are:


Lochie's Crush (2009)
Being Abigail (2010)
Best Forgotten (2012)
Behind the Scenes (2013)
Cats, Scarves and Liars (2014)
Everybody Hates Abigail (2014)
Poison Ivy (2015)
About a Girl (2019)

Short Stories

Twins (2015)
Shopping and Lies (2015)
Of Frogs and Lovers (2015)
Searching For Audrina (2017)
Love, Unrequited (2017)
Abigail's Voicemail (2018)
Julie B Sets the Record Straight (2019)
Winter (2020)

My work also appears in the following anthologies:

Key Encounters (2002)
Soulmate Conversations (2013)
Frightful Tales for All Hallows Eve (2015)
Sproutlings (2016)
All I Want For Christmas (2016)
Love Story Volume I (2019)
Love Story Volume II (TBA)

Where can I buy your books?

You can find my books at all major online retailers. As of 2020 Lochie's Crush is out of print, so you may have to put your detective cap on if you want to find a copy. After repeated reader requests, Everybody Hates Abigail is back in print, but at this stage it is available in paperback only.

Why is so much of your work self-published?

I only submit work to an agent or traditional publisher when I think that I have a project that is commercially viable. Publishing is a business and publishers tend to pick books that have a high commercial appeal, i.e. books that will make them a lot of money and a decent return on all of their hard work. Most of my work is aimed at smaller, niche markets with genres that are not easy to define, or there may be other reasons why it is unsuitable for a mass readership. For example, Poison Ivy is very short, almost half the size of a typical novel that you would find in a bookshop. Cats, Scarves and Liars is very difficult to define in terms of genre. And, as much as I love that book, it lacks the polish that you'd find in a traditionally published work. And it contains a fuckload of swearing, which, apparently, is unnecessary and offensive.

Ultimately, I self publish the projects that I've worked on for the sheer pleasure of writing them. For me, it's fun to have a copy of that book in my hand, to be able to give copies to my family and friends, and to have them available to share with any reader who cares to join in. No one else is obligated to buy them. No. Really. I'm not going to spam the internet with links to my books, send complete strangers countless emails with links in them to where they can buy my books or whatever other desperate things that self-published authors are supposed to do. (Don't ask me what they are. I wouldn't know.)

What are you currently working on?

As of 2020 I have a couple of projects that I hope to unleash on the world. I'm currently editing, re-editing and polishing a family drama that's a little bit like Muriel's Wedding meets Daria that I hope to find a publisher for. I am also working on the first draft of a YA novel about the strange relationship between a high school student and her eccentric English teacher. 

I am also working on Heart, Broken which is a much longer sequel to my short stories Love, Unrequited and Winter. (For those of you who are wondering, the girl at the centre of the story is named Melanie. She's a receptionist by day and an aspiring stand up comedian in the evenings.)


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