Review: Click by Kayla Miller

Click is a graphic novel about a popular girl who is trying to find her place. Olive is a floater. She has lots of friends--there is the kids from her neighbourhood, the kids she sits with at lunch, the kids she hangs out with at recess. Making friends has never been a problem--Olive clicks with everyone. Then, one day at school, the teacher announces that her grade is going to be taking part in a variety show. All of the other kids are dividing themselves into groups and they're planning their acts for the show ... acts that don't include Olive. Suddenly Olive has no one to talk to, or hang out with anymore.

Until she finds, and implements, a clever solution.

This was a fun read about friendship. It was interesting to read a story of changing friendships that was from the perspective of a kid who has lots of friends and has never had trouble fitting in before--usually these stories focus on shy, sensitive kids and, consequently, we can forget that other types of kids, even the most popular and self-assured ones, can find themselves in situations where they question how they fit in or if their friendship groups are changing. It's a reminder that all types of personalities and stories are valid. Kayla Miller's writing and illustrations are easy to follow, and although the story is aimed at pre-teens it is told in such a way that it can be enjoyed by grown up readers as well. On a more personal note, I found Olive's story very relatable--a very similar thing happened to me in primary school and just like Olive, I found myself hosting the show. 

Overall Click is an excellent read, and not only for kids. Apparently it has been so well received that not only are there several sequels, but a spin-off series as well. I hope to be able to read these soon.



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